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Challenge Updates!

We are ecstatic to announce our new partnership this year with SynBio10x, UNSW Founders' new accelerator program focusing on supporting the next generation of Synthetic Biology and Biotecstartups. We're also continuing our partnership with our amazing sponsors Integrated DNA Technologies, Twist Bioscience, and New England BioLabs. Definitely plenty of collaborations to look forward to!

After two years of online only events due to the pandemic we are on track to finally having in-person activities leading to the Final Showcase in Canberra slated for the 29th of September. Teams can still register up until the 17th of April, then it's meet everyone on May 1st for the Welcome Session. For more updates on the Challenge schedule, check the Timeline and Events page.

We hit the ground running this year with the addition of new faces to the organising committee: Nikki Ayende who will help run ASBC as Program Manager, Macquarie University's Dayane Costa, and CSIRO's Juan Martinez (Juan is also an alumni of the Challenge having been part of the QUT Team in 2020!)

We have just released our March newsletter, the first of our bi-monthly send-outs this year. The next release will be in May - we welcome contributions and suggestions so if there's someone or something you think the synbio community needs to hear about let us know, send us an email or give us a shoutout on Twitter or LinkedIn. Make sure to join our mailing list to never miss an update!

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