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2023 Timeline

Expression of Interest open

December 2022

Academics from universities around Australia are invited to submit an expression of interest to reserve a place in the Challenge.

Registrations open

February 13th

Team registrations are officially open! Each team supervisor is invited to submit a registration form for their team. Registration for the 2023 Challenge is completely free!

Registrations close

April 17th

Team registrations close. The team rosters for all teams intending to participate in the 2023 Challenge must be finalised

Intro to the AusSynBio Challenge

April 27th

The Challenge officially kicks off with a welcome seminar for all team members! In this session, teams will be briefed on the requirements of the Challenge, hear from past participants and will hear all about what's on offer for the 2023 season

IDT Webinar

May 24th


Design Review Written Summary Due

July 7th

The first submission of the Challenge, teams must submit the written summary for the Design Review. This is a document providing an overview of their project, including experimental plans and safety considerations. Reviews are submitted to each team's assigned Reviewer for feedback after the first event.

Design Showcase

July 21st

After the teams receive feedback for their Design Review comes the Design showcase. This event will see teams present their designs and introduce their projects for the first time. Expert reviewers from the field will be there to provide advice and give feedback to help each team tailor their ideas.

Pitch party

August 25th

In preparation for the teams' final pitches, teams are invited to join this session to receive tips on how to deliver a great pitch.

Team logo, abstracts, and pre-recorded pitches due

September 18th

The second main deliverable for the Challenge, teams are required to submit a logo representing their project alongside a short abstract. These will be displayed on the website. Teams must also submit a 3-min long pitch ahead of the final event, as if they are intending on presenting their concept to a panel of investors

The Final Showcase

September 29

The second and final major event of the Challenge, the Final Showcase spans two afternoons and marks the end of the Challenge. Teams will give a presentation with Q&A from the audience. Team pitches will also be played, and guest speakers will talk about synbio opportunities in Australasia and career pathways

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