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The Australian SynBio Challenge: Our story

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

As interest in Synthetic Biology grows across the world, so too does the need for a diverse community within which the next generation of SynBio superstars will emerge. As a passionate group of Synthetic Biologists we created the SynBio Challenge to bring the global wave of Synthetic Biology to the Australian university curriculum.
Launching in early 2020, we quickly realised the university sector faces multiple constraints going forward. This poses a significant impediment to Australian universities starting SynBio related programs or adding in new training programs due to both time and fiscal constraints. In response to this we started a pilot program of a new SynBio challenge that aims to integrate SynBio Design-Build-Test-Learn principles together with entrepreneurial and social science training in order to build a network of world class SynBio researchers in Australia. As a virtual challenge we provide an easily accessible program to students and institutions whilst aiming to deliver the highest training experience as possible.
We’re looking forward to growing the Synbio Challenge across universities in Australia. We hope that by teaching Synthetic Biology throughout the higher education system together with closer industry and social engagement we can move towards a more sustainable planet and help develop a Bioeconomy pipeline for future SynBio graduates in Australia.

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